2 Technical Tips For Designing Tri-Fold Brochures

10 September 2019
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Brochures are a great way to get information in potential customers hands. When you design a brochure, you want to fill it with great information, and you want to make sure the brochure is properly formatted. With a properly formatted brochure, you will be able to impart the knowledge and information you want to potential customers.   Carefully Order the Information As you design the brochure, think carefully about the order you put the information in. Read More 

Labeling Tips For Products You Want To Sell As A New Business

22 May 2019
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No matter what kind of products you sell, you need labels for them. Depending on the products you sell, certain information may be required by law. Other times, the label may be for branding and marketing purposes. You may use a front label for branding and the back label for legal purposes. Your labels will be custom made and printed, but you'll need to figure out an efficient way to apply them to your products. Read More 

What Customers Need To Know About Large-Format Printing

29 March 2019
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Large-format printing, sometimes also known as wide-format printing, is an industry term that is used to describes projects that require especially large machines to handle. Most shops consider anything between 18" and 100" in width to be a wide format. Once you go above that width, you're talking about super-wide format. What Large-Format Printing Is Used For Outdoor advertising is one of the more popular applications of wide-format printing. For example, many billboards are made up of several strips of large-formatted material. Read More