2 Technical Tips For Designing Tri-Fold Brochures

10 September 2019
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Brochures are a great way to get information in potential customers hands. When you design a brochure, you want to fill it with great information, and you want to make sure the brochure is properly formatted. With a properly formatted brochure, you will be able to impart the knowledge and information you want to potential customers.  

Carefully Order the Information

As you design the brochure, think carefully about the order you put the information in. Both the outer front flap as well as the back of the brochure are the two parts of the brochure that will always be visible. This is where you want to put the most important information, such as your contact information, the name of your store, or the services that you offer.   

The inner left flap, then the middle, then the right flap represents the flow or order of importance as you go through the brochure. You want to place information in your brochure in order of decreased importance. You also want to make sure the information flows logically, building upon previous information as you go through the brochure.  

Be Concise with Information

The panels inside of a brochure are not that big, so you need to be concise with any written information that you put into the brochure. Only include the most important facts and information. This is not where you want to elaborate. A brochure should act as more of an outline of important information, and you should have other ways to provide clients with more important follow-up information.   

Use Pictures

Pictures are a great way to convey information, especially with a tri-fold brochure where the space is limited. Choose your pictures wisely, and make sure that your pictures convey important information about your project or products. You want the pictures you choose to complement and expand upon the words used in your brochure.   

Always Make a Mock-Up

Finally, always create a mock-up of your brochure. This will allow you to see if the information flows as easily as you think it does. Sometimes, what can seem so clear when looking at a computer screen can easily lose some of its meaning when it is translated to paper. A mock-up will allow you to make sure your designs all align correctly and that the right information is conveyed.   

Brochures are an important marketing tool. Make sure that you carefully order the information, and use concise words and meaningful pictures to get your message across. Work with a printing company to fine tune the design of your tri-fold brochure. 

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