Labeling Tips For Products You Want To Sell As A New Business

22 May 2019
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No matter what kind of products you sell, you need labels for them. Depending on the products you sell, certain information may be required by law. Other times, the label may be for branding and marketing purposes. You may use a front label for branding and the back label for legal purposes. Your labels will be custom made and printed, but you'll need to figure out an efficient way to apply them to your products. You might do it manually if you have a small business and by machine if you produce a large quantity of products daily. Here are some tips for product labeling.

Learn The Label Requirements For Your Industry

One of the first steps is to learn about label requirements from the governing body of your industry. Requirements differ for food products, supplements, beauty products, and other goods. You may need things like a list of ingredients, possible allergens, lot numbers, and safety instructions. You may need to work with a professional product labeling company to fit all the necessary information onto an attractive label and to make sure you are in compliance with all laws before you have the labels affixed to your products and placed on shelves.

Design An Eye-Catching Front Label

Your product has to compete with many others when it's on the shelf of a grocery store or department store display. Your label should attract attention, tell a story, reveal the purpose of your product, and entice people to buy it. Things like colors, font, and graphics are just as important as the text that conveys information. The label sets the tone for your product and you want it to attract your target audience. Consider hiring a professional label designer so you get the best results.

Choose Your Method Of Application

When you have labels custom printed, they can be delivered on rolls or sheets. If your business is small, you might peel off individual labels and apply them by hand making sure they are always straight. You could also use a label applicator that holds a roll of labels that makes it easier to keep the labels straight and allows you to apply them faster. When your business grows, you may want to invest in a machine so labeling goes much quicker and allows you to get more products shipped each day. There are large and small, automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines so you can find something that keeps up with your demand and fits your budget too.

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