4 Trends Affecting Managed Print Services Customers

17 February 2022
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Working with a third-party printing management system provider can relieve a lot of burden at an organization. Customers can't just hand their managed printing services issues off without being aware of notable changes in the modern environment, though. If you want to keep your MPS ecosystem ahead of potential problems, you'll need to stay aware of these four developing trends.

Work-from-Home, Remote Access, and Hybrid Work Arrangements

A printing management system has to encompass a lot more than it did even a few years ago. More employees work from home than ever before, and many also work in hybrid arrangements. They may still need to get a report to their destination, and that means making sure the printing resources are accessible.

Notably, this has broadly raised expectations. People in the field want the same sort of access on their smartphones and tablets, too. Even if a worker is on the other side of the planet, they'll have high expectations of the organization's managed print services.


Printing integration may seem like a boring hacking target, but bad actors are becoming more creative. Especially with the increased integration of print system access across Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, hackers like to take advantage of vulnerabilities to get on networks. Likewise, many organizations now integrate their printing setups with their file servers and clouds. Consequently, access to the printer often gives bad actors a foot in the door.


As modern workflows grow, printing automation goes up in value. Many automated systems can now have reports ready when you walk into the building in the morning. The downside is that these automated actions will consume ink and paper, and you need to have a system in place for addressing these needs.

Also, an automated activity often becomes ignored activity. If you have printers running on automated systems, you need to be aware of their maintenance schedules. A managed print services provider can help you stay ahead of these concerns.

Sustainability, Cost-Effectiveness, and Efficiency

Businesses need to make more of their resources than ever before. Companies can't afford to waste ink, paper, or printers. There are also pressures to make sure these cost-saving solutions will be sustainable. The net effect is a greater emphasis on efficiency across a managed print network.

Reporting on these fronts is a big deal, too. If a company advertises its sustainable approach, it needs to be able to prove it by the numbers. The same goes for cost and efficiency improvements. To learn more, speak with a company like printartes.io.