Launching A New Direct Mail Campaign

6 December 2021
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Direct mail is one of the older and more affordable marketing strategies that businesses can use. While direct mail campaigns can be an effective solution for a business to grow its customer base, these campaigns will need to be optimized to make sure that the company gets a good return on the investment that it requires.

Create A Mailing List Of Current Customers

Creating a mailing list of current customers can allow you to easily target individuals that have shown a history of being interested in your products and services. Furthermore, customers that have freely opted into receiving your mailers can be far more likely to convert for the offers that you send them. Unfortunately, businesses will often fail to implement a plan for encouraging customers to sign up for the company's mailing list. This can deprive them of a receptive audience for their mailers, and this can significantly reduce the conversion rate for the mailing campaign.

Opt For Colorful Mailers For The Campaign

The mailers that you send in these campaigns will need to be bright enough to be able to capture the attention of individuals as they are quickly looking through their mail. While colorful prints will be slightly more costly, being able to consistently capture the attention of recipients can be worth this cost. To help you with creating an effective color scheme for your mailers, it can be useful to hire a professional graphic designer rather than attempting to make these flyers yourself. In most cases, these professionals will be able to offer consultations and even revision requests to help you get the perfect flyers for your direct mail campaign.

Use A Bulk Printing Service For Your Mailers

One of the most expensive parts of launching a direct mail campaign will be having the flyers and mailers printed. High-quality commercial printing is needed to keep these mailers from being at risk of ripping when being sent as well as limiting the risk of fading occurring. Luckily, there are printing services that may be able to offer significant discounts for those that are ordering bulk numbers of mailers. If you have mailers leftover or that you are planning to use again in the future, you should have a suitable storage area to keep them safe from degradation. In particular, these mailers should be stored in an area that will be dry and away from intense sunlight. When these storage conditions are not available, you may be better off planning to reorder these mailers when launching a new campaign.

Reach out to a professional who provides direct mailing services to start your campaign.