Why Opt For Screen Printing?

20 September 2021
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Most businesses that deal with apparel like t-shirts, bags, balloons, and other merchandise incorporate screen printing in their operations. Therefore, if you deal with any of these, you will likely encounter this activity at least once. If you have just come across the term screen printing and wonder what it means and how your business can benefit from it, you are in the right place.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique that has been in use in various industries for many years. It involves using a mesh to transfer ink onto a suitable substrate like textile, paper, or plastic film. A stencil is also applied to block the ink from affecting areas that don't need painting. Then, the ink coating is dried using ultraviolet (UV) radiation lamps.

Why Use Screen Printing?

Some of the outstanding benefits of screen printing include the following

1.       Faster turnaround 

The screen printing process is fast and straightforward. All that has to be done is apply ink to a stenciled mesh using a squeegee. Therefore, once you have prepared the artwork and it's approved, you can send it to a screen printing service together with the apparel and get the printed item within a few days. That is why professional screen printing services are a lifesaver when you need printed products with particular messages, logos, or images for a sudden event like brand promotion.

2.       Detailed images

Professional screen printers don't back down from any printing challenge because they have the tools required for the job, like stenciled mesh. The mesh count of screens used in screen printing determines the vibrancy of the image. For example, a skilled professional uses a screen with a higher mesh count when you want a highly detailed picture. On the other hand, if you want blocky lettering on your product, a lower mesh count will do the trick.

3.       Customizable prints

Most people prefer having custom designs on their t-shirts, caps, and other items. A custom design is more appealing and has more of an effect on other people than familiar, everyday images or graphics. If the printed items advertise a particular brand or product, a custom design is indispensable. Fortunately, with screen printing, you can print any design on multiple materials.

4.       Affordable pricing

One of the main reasons most businesses opt for screen printing is that it offers more for less. For example, most wholesale screen printing providers offer their clients significant discounts when they order in bulk. That makes such services ideal for companies and events that need many printed products without incurring costly expenses. Besides, cutting printing costs means you transfer fewer charges to your clients.

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