Starting Up A Fitness Center? Use These Tips

9 June 2018
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If you've gone through the process of purchasing or renting space, decorating, and planning schedules for a new fitness center, you're definitely committed to making the community healthier. Your new center might transform many lives. However, you may feel a little nervous about getting people to visit and become members. After all, your expertise is fitness, not necessarily marketing. Therefore, consider these tips for building a healthy, sizable clientele.

Sponsor Local Events

One way to help locals discover you is to sponsor community fitness events. Whether you sponsor one of the local schools' sports teams or have your own specialized events, people will learn about you as you inject your brand of fitness into the community. Give interviews about the events you're sponsoring and send press releases to local magazines and newspapers describing how you can help people in town become healthier.

Keep Updating Your Website

Many new company owners make the same mistake with their website. They have a one page site that gives basic information, and it's never updated. Don't do this; instead, give your new members and prospective members a reason to keep visiting your site. Whether you record and play videos from your classes or answer questions from people weekly, keep updating the site and reaching out to people.

Use Laminated, Pre-Printed Membership Cards

Membership cards might seem like a minor issue when running a gym or fitness center; you might have just planned to arrange memberships with plain paper cards that can be shown upon arrival. However, remember that these membership cards must survive the entire term of the membership, or else you'll be wasting money on paper cards and your members may not even bother heading back for new ones. 

Instead, invest in a laminating machine and ensure you have pre printed membership cards that clearly lay out your fitness center's address, phone number, and website address. Leave a space for the name of the member and the start of their membership. You might wish to have the cards list restrictions or rules by pre-printing them on the back of each one. This way, whenever someone begins a membership, they'll be provided a pre-printed card that can ultimately be laminated and kept safe from tears, spills, and other problems that will destroy a card. Your branding will also follow them around. If they have questions or want to refer someone, they'll have the information available on their membership card.

Your fitness center can give people lives that they're satisfied with. Do your best to show off what you offer so that people can start their own fitness programs in your facility.