Choosing Between A Color And Black Ink Copier For Your Office

15 January 2018
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Copiers have many functions and brands come with different features, so it can be overwhelming to decide on the best copier for your business. One fundamental choice you have to make when looking at various copier sales is whether you'll buy one that prints in color. Here are some considerations that may help you make your decision.

The Volume Of Color Printing You Anticipate

If you're sure most of your copies will only require black ink, then you may not want a color copier since they cost more to buy and operate. If an occasional need arises for a color printing job, you can always take it to a printing store or maybe even use a laser printer. If you think you'll copy or print in color often, then having your own color copier will probably cost you less over time than outsourcing the work.

Whether You'll Lease Or Buy The Copy Machine

Color copiers are more expensive so one may be out of your budget unless you lease it. You and your accountant will need to go over your books and your financial plan to decide if leasing is a good option for you. If so, you may be able to afford an upgrade to a more expensive and useful copier that can print in color.

Who Will Have Access To The Color Function

Color copiers are more expensive to operate when it comes to cost per page. One thing you may want to do is buy a copier capable of limiting access to the color function. The copier could work for everyone in black and white mode but be password protected in color mode. This restricts the use of the color toners unless they are absolutely necessary.

If The Copier Can Default To Black And White

Some copiers have the capability of bypassing the color cartridges when they print. If you won't print in color all the time, this is a good feature to look for. The default setting is black and white and the copier has to be switched manually into a color mode and the use of the additional toner cartridges. The setup you probably want to avoid is four toner black printing. With this type of copier, all four cartridges used in color printing are used to print in black. This makes printing black text just as expensive as printing color. However, if you do color copying with nearly every print job, then four toner printing is probably best even though it is more expensive because it is the most convenient.

By examining all the features and types of copiers for sale and asking for experienced advise from the retailer, you can choose the perfect copier for your business whether you need color printing daily or just for special occasions.