How To Edit ….

18 June 2015
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If you have a knack for words and have mastered turn of phrase, you may consider a career in editing. Yet being an editor takes more than aptitude--strategy is key. To become an effective and efficient editor, follow these steps for how to critique any written work. Read-Through It's often wise to read through the entire manuscript to understand it as a whole. You don't even have to be in editor-mode yet. Read More 

Printing Family Vacation T-Shirts? Follow These Suggestions!

2 June 2015
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Family vacation t-shirts are great for two purposes. They make excellent souvenirs, but more importantly, they can help your family stay together in a crowd. On trips to theme parks and other populated areas, your t-shirts will help the adults in your group keep track of small children. Your t-shirts can also help members of the family keep sight of each other without holding hands. To get the most out of your family vacation t-shirts, follow these tips for making the t-shirts fun, attractive and useful. Read More 

Selling Homemade Food Products? Here’s Why You Need To Have Custom Labels Made

14 May 2015
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If you make the best jelly in town or like making other homemade foods, you might have decided to sell your goods at farmer's markets or online. Although you might not think it's necessary to purchase labels for your homemade goods, doing so can be a good idea. These are a few reasons why you should consider ordering custom-made labels from a label manufacturing company (such as custom labels in British Columbia). Read More